Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Internet Speed: Three Best Ways To Enhance It

Are you fed up with your slow internet speed? Calm down! Remove your stress and read this post that provides some basic information on how to get better speed of internet. It is not a difficult task to increase your Internet speed. First you need to find the problem why is your net speed too slow? Sometime the reason behind your slow PC is your bandwidth.

With the help of simple ways you can easily increase the speed of your PC on the internet. For that you do not need to spend money on program that can speed up your Net speed. Just need to follow some maintenance steps to increase your Internet speed.

Bandwidth always has some limit as far as its service is concerned. It’s very obvious that you pay for bandwidth when take service from internet service provider. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to take care it as precious commodity. If your system is not performing proper as far as its speed is concerned then it’s common that there would some improper use of your bandwidth.

1. Use a Firewall

Here you can get some best ways to speed up your system (PC) on the internet:
Firewall is a device which controls both incoming and outgoing internet traffic on your computer system. Now it depends how many programs you allow at a time that actually decide your PC speed on internet. The more programs you will access the more speed would get slower. Hence you can restrict the traffic that in turn controls the congestion and erosion of your bandwidth.

2. Remove the file Index.dat

Some time there are some little demons (files) inside system that actually slow down your computer's speed while accessing internet. These files are designed by Microsoft to re-record all your internet history. It has the history of all previous logged web pages, number of downloads and much more. If you are not removing these files then it may grow up to 100 megabytes. Once they get collected inside the system they use CPU and bandwidth on steady basis. Now these files are being re recorded system’s (PC) internet history. This often consumes double the bandwidth of other files. If you delete these files then you can speed up your computer’s speed on internet.

3. To speed up your internet one can use proxy.

Using proxy is an efficient way to enhance the speed of internet up to 30%. Proxies allow you to access data that is available through a server. This can help to download thousand of web pages that are available on the server. Hence; there is no need to use available bandwidth to access the files on the internet. These are some already pre loaded files. If you follow the above method then it will increase some speed of your system without any hassle.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Increase speed of internet In Simple Few Steps

Internet plays a very important role in our lives because it is one of the latest and fastest communication medium. Now Internet has become a part and parcel of our life. But with internet some people face problems of slow internet speed in spite of high speed internet bandwidth connection. There can be lots of reasons of low speed but the common ones are viruses. But sometime this problem occurs due to your PC configuration or incorrect internet setting. There are few steps that will help you to increase internet speed.

1. First of all you need a good antivirus that should be fully updated through which you can scan your PC on regular basis.

2. When you browse the internet or any susceptible websites then adware (it is software that use for advertising banners) can be installed without any prior notification. Thus you need to use a Google Adware removal tool program.

3. Try to use spyware removal software to scan your PC because spyware can steal your data without your permission.

4. You need to make a schedule for internet explorer optimization. Clean your temp files or folders from your PC twice in week because lots of files are stored that slows down your internet speed.

Following are the steps to delete temp files:
  • First of all open your Internet explorer
  • Choose the Tool menu
  • Select internet option
  • Remove your temp files and cookies.
Browse your history and set value at “0” in history box if you would not like to save your web address history.

5. For better speed set your internet security settings at default. For default setting, start your Internet Explorer, choose Tools menu and select internet option to set the security tab at default level.

6. If your Add-ons (it is a program that enhance your internet capability) are not verified then disable them to utilize your system resource maximum. To disable Add-ons you need to open the Internet Explorer and choose Tool menu and click on Manage Add-ons.

7. When you use the wireless connection then you have to disable the background intelligent transfer service to increase connection speed.

8. Further more you need to go with Internet Option and click on advance tab to turn off the TLS option and turn on the SSL 2.o option.

9. Try to update your Internet browser time to time when new updates comes.

10. Just follow these steps that definitely increase your internet speed.